• Brand New Stay ® Glamping Business Consulting

welcome: brand new stay®

we started our hospitality consulting company in 2011 to specialize as a glamping guide service.  we’ve consulted on a variety of glamping projects and one of our first big projects was transforming a condo project into a luxury hotel. we kicked off our own glamping experiences in 2013 which lead to the launch of a separate company, now named LEANTO®, in 2014.

after seven years of helping clients explore opportunities and build their businesses, we had a close look at our own business and decided to shake things up.  while we’re quite good at glamping, our services and expertise aren’t limited to luxury lodgings in the great outdoors.  in fact, we like to think that we’re not limited at all.

our passion is new.   new projects, new ideas, new interpretations, new ways to enhance the guest experience and new ways to get things done.  hence our new name – brand new stay.  we’re all about crafting a brand new stay that’s authentic, effortless and inspiring.

what’s a ‘brand new stay’

we create soulful lodgings that are connected to their communities, devoted to their teams and stewards of our planet so that travelers don’t have to settle.  our spots are authentic, effortless and inspiring.
you’ve got to pedal the bicycle to stay on it. so long as you’re pedaling, you might as well lead the pack and chart a new course or two.
we won’t rest until we’ve accomplished all that we’ve set out to.
we care about your results and are passionate about the projects that we engage in. 

our skills

guest experience 100
creative marketing 95
fun design 90
number crunching 85
venue revitalization 100
concept launch 100

who’s behind this

Scottchief experience officer
Scott loves exploring new places and helping hardworking folks take their venues from drab to destination.  “This business is my life and life is good.”