If you’re in the hotel business, you’re in the guest love business. Sure, it’s cool to love your building, love your team and love your location, but all of that love better translate to the guest experience. Do you already love your guests? Do they know it? Here are a few ways to show your guests love.

Personal Acknowledgements

You, your team members and your guests all have names so . . . use them! Rather than jumping on the radio and advising your housekeeping team that ‘201 needs towels’ go with ‘Hello Mike, our guests Cecilia and Robert staying with us in room 201 would love some additional bath towels as soon as possible.’ Because your radios may be audible to the world, the second phrasing sounds much more appealing. Plus, Mike can go ahead and use the guests’ names if the opportunity presents itself (it should) while he’s dropping by with some additional fluffy towels.

Handwritten Cards

We’ve been in the midst of a technological revolution and there’s no sign that we’re getting out of it anytime soon. Rather than blast your guests with another e-mail, why not drop them a line the old-fashioned way via a handwritten letter or card? These are a great way to enhance an arrival experience when placing a happy Anniversary, Birthday or Welcome Back card in the guest’s room before their arrival.

Also, rather than a post stay e-mail, why not send a handwritten thank you card? Chances are good that your guests will actually read the card that you’ve left for them in their room or that you’ve sent to their mailbox after their stay. Chances are not good that they’re reading your e-mail blast – there’s just a 20% open rate for those.


Too small for a points rewards program? No sweat, come up with your own way to reward your guests for frequent visits. Of course, a personal acknowledgement and handwritten cards are a great start for one-time repeats but let’s think about that guest who’s with you every week on business. Maybe you notice that he always buys up for a certain option for breakfast. Why not offer that special omelet on the house next time? If there’s a larger room with a great workspace available, why not upgrade him? Chances are good that he may enjoy the larger space and book there instead of the per diem for his next visit.

So what’s the idea behind all of this guest love? Loyalty and reputation. You’ve got to continually differentiate your guest experience so that guests that already love you start loving you more and so that guests that haven’t heard of you hear great things when they do here about you.

Looking for more love from your guests? Drop us a line. We’re happy to explore how we can help you and your team enhance your guests’ experience and show ‘em some love.