Every hotel out there makes a unique sales proposition to its guests.  Some hotels strive to be trendy and hip, others angle toward being homey and some are totally comfortable being basic and affordable.  While choosing where your property fits in your market is a start, that’s not enough to compel your guests to choose to stay with you and it’s certainly nowhere near enough for your guests to remember you.

Let’s say that your spot is the hippest in town with the trendiest furnishings and slickest design.  Your guests will expect you to deliver on that ‘trendy and hip’ promise that you’ve made as your unique sales proposition.  However, if you only deliver on that front, your guests will likely be disappointed in their experience with you.  Your unique selling proposition defines your spot in the marketplace but you’ve got to go a few steps further to differentiate yourself from the other trendy and hip places that your guests may have previously experienced.

From driving a Bentley to complimentary car window washing to a soap concierge to a personalized planner just for kids, hotels all over the world are pulling out all of the stops to get their guests to give them a second thought.

Is all of this really necessary?  Offering an unexpected and memorable experience is necessary but unexpected offerings don’t necessarily need to be over-the-top on luxury or cost to be memorable.  Think complimentary arrival goodies or a cupcake for a birthday.

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