the top three misconceptions about glamping

While we haven’t heard it all, we’ve certainly heard our fair share of interesting interpretations of the word ‘glamping’ that don’t quite line up with the truth about the sort of outdoors we serve up.  Because of that, we’ve compiled our top three misconceptions about glamping.  Of course, just like customary camping, glamping isn’t for [...]

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is glamping just a trend?

Truth #1:  a ‘Fad’ is not a ‘Trend’ Though sometimes these terms are used interchangeably, a ‘fad’ is not the same thing as a ‘trend.’  A ‘fad’ is a quick behavior while a ‘trend’ is something that evolves over time to become, usually, a permanent change.  A chia pet is a fad.  [...]

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big small brands

Small brands are big these days.  What was once the shield for Goliath is now the sword for David.  The tables have turned and a brand promise made to a consumer better have a healthy dose of personality if the big guys expect to stick around much longer.  After all, personality is delivered by people, [...]

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experience architect

Lately, business has been good for hoteliers. Really good. Revenue per available room is up, average daily rates are strong and occupancy is higher than it has been in quite some time. With the numbers looking this good, what could go wrong? Everything. It’s no secret that the hotel business is a cyclical [...]

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