When the days get longer and the nights get brighter your guests will be getting the itch to get outside. When searching for an easy way out, there are plenty of options but none are as appealing as glamping.

Why do guests love glamping? We’re glad you asked. Have a look at our top three reasons.

1. Packing, schmacking

When you take the easy way out, you get to pack like you’re going to a hotel room because, that’s pretty much what you’ll get. Forget the stakes, forget the fly and don’t even worry about the sleeping bags. Pack your clothes, personal items, preferred beverages and the grub you’ll need. That’s it. You save plenty of time by not worrying about what you can’t forget to have fun.

2. Setup???

Want to go fishing as soon as you get to camp? Go! When you go glamping, there’s a fully outfitted tent all setup and waiting for you. Think of glamping like a hotel room smack in the middle of the great outdoors complete with a real mattress, fluffy comforter, linens, towels for the shower and in-tent amenities like bath soaps and a hot beverage basket. You won’t have to setup and you won’t even think about tearing down. You just check-in and check-out.

3. Outdoors on display

Because you won’t have to worry about packing or setting up camp, you’ll get to actually have some fun. You’ll get to hike, bike, kayak, cast, climb and relax to your heart’s content. When you go glamping, you get to get into the outdoors and leave all the stress of normal camping way behind.

Besides the best way to get outside in style, glamping is an exciting business opportunity with plenty of upside. If you’d like to learn more about what it takes to serve up an easy outdoors, then get in touch with us. Your guests will love glamping and you will too.