Hospitality is one big balancing act. Hotel Owners constantly balance the expectations of guests, teams and investments.  Managers are faced with a similar balancing act.  Keeping the guest experience top-notch while meeting the needs and desires of their team all while making certain that there’s no negative impact to the bottom line is a lot [...]

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big small brands

Small brands are big these days.  What was once the shield for Goliath is now the sword for David.  The tables have turned and a brand promise made to a consumer better have a healthy dose of personality if the big guys expect to stick around much longer.  After all, personality is delivered by people, [...]

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way more than glamping

Sure do.  If you need a hospitality consultant for your hotel, inn, motel, B&B, lodge or campground, we can help as much or as little as you’d like. We can help you develop your business strategy, brand strategy and website.  Or, if you’ve got a website you quite like already, we can help [...]

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destination: wine

Vineyard investing is trendy and what all the cool kids do when they retire or fire corporate employers.  We enjoy vino more than most and cite health benefits as the reason for our insatiable thirst.  That said – we would think more than twice before plunking down our life savings for a fruit farm. Vineyards [...]

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drab to destination

We love camping. We love amazing service and accommodations, too. While some might still consider all three to be mutually exclusive events, we maintain that they are not. That is, they don’t have to be. According to our friends at the Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, there are nearly 14,000 campsites in the continental [...]

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and v. or

We bumped into the concept of glamping (then known as luxury camping) over a decade ago.  From that point forward, we have completely abandoned the idea of choosing an experience.  Rather than trade or replace, we amplify.  While we’re not sure if our resultant perspective is akin those rose colored glasses; the world sure does [...]

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pay more for less?

The United States Travel Association is a great resource for identifying travel trends and factors that impact the travel industry domestically and internationally.  According to them, the environment (protecting it that is) plays a huge part in domestic travellers’ plans.  Here’s a bit more: “With over 79% of U.S. adults considering themselves environmentally-conscious [...]

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