While we haven’t heard it all, we’ve certainly heard our fair share of interesting interpretations of the word ‘glamping’ that don’t quite line up with the truth about the sort of outdoors we serve up.  Because of that, we’ve compiled our top three misconceptions about glamping.  Of course, just like customary camping, glamping isn’t for everyone… but it sure could be.

1. Glamping is only for my rich uncle

Not so; glamping is more accessible and affordable than ever.

We concede that glamping will set you back more than traditional camping, but when you look at glamping compared to other accommodation options like hotels, glamping experiences are generally close to or less than the price of a good three star hotel room depending.

Of course, just like with hotels and regular camping sites, there’s a range of price points from economy to super luxurious.

2. Glamping is not camping

We take this one personally, of course it’s camping.  Some might even say it’s a better camping.

Everyone camps differently.  Some folks backpack, some car camp, others drive a big rig with a flat screen and some like to enjoy at an outfitted tent all setup for them.  In each of these scenarios, folks are getting away from their everyday and enjoying their own sort of adventure the way they choose.  Specific to Wanderlust’s brand of Glamping, we take great pride in delivering authentic, effortless and inspiring experiences that help you deal with Mother Nature on your own terms.

So, while glamping isn’t for everyone, glamping is still everything camping is.

3. Glamping takes you away from nature

Not even close – it frees you up to dig in to nature.

Glamping gets you closer to nature and arguably gives you more time to get out and have more fun.  Just think of the miles you could hike, fish you could catch, meals you could make and conversations you could have if you spent less time gearing up, setting up and cleaning up!


Here’s our disclaimer on all of the above:  your glamping experience will vary by provider.  We help venues serve up authentic, effortless and inspiring experiences that help you take the easy way out.

If you’re into that and looking to go glamping as a guest, drop by our other basecamp at www.StayLeanto.com to find the spot that’s right for you!

If you’re looking to explore glamping as a business venture,