Why You Need an 'Experience Architect': Design Your Hotel and Organization to Succeed

Lately, business has been good for hoteliers. Really good. Revenue per available room is up, average daily rates are strong and occupancy is higher than it has been in quite some time. With the numbers looking this good, what could go wrong? Everything.

It’s no secret that the hotel business is a cyclical one and where there are ups, there will most certainly be downs. Regardless of market conditions or environmental factors, there is one component of the hotel business that every hotelier can and must control the success of: the guest experience. If you haven’t already got one on your team, now is the ideal time to get out there and find yourself and your hotel an ‘Experience Architect.’

Hotels are a series of internal and external processes and systems designed to offer an outstanding experience for the venue’s team, guests, and owners. Booking methods, check-in/check-out processes, pre-stay and post-stay messaging, concierge, food & beverage, spa, activities, human resources, engineering, sales, housekeeping programs and on and on all need to be meticulously designed and maintained to deliver an incredible experience. If one system fails, the whole venture fails. And, worst of all, the guest experience is destroyed. Hospitality is a zero-defect business – you can’t take back a bad experience.