Small brands are big these days.  What was once the shield for Goliath is now the sword for David.  The tables have turned and a brand promise made to a consumer better have a healthy dose of personality if the big guys expect to stick around much longer.  After all, personality is delivered by people, not suits.

A brand is formulated through a variety of mechanisms all pointed at differentiation.  That said, most of what a brand promotes is intangible.  Sort of a tricky concept, but we firmly believe that a brand should be pointed at experience share, not market share.  If a guest truly engages in an exceptional experience with a particular collection of venues, then that collection of venues has attained what most would love to have – a brand ambassador.

There’s no better brand ambassador than your guests.  In other industries, guests may get confused with clients, customers, tenants, covers, etc. but those who enter your place of business either electronically or through your front door are your guests.  The better the guest experience you provide, the higher the cost of switching (what the guest has to give up with you to go somewhere else) becomes.

Raise your cost of switching, not your rates.  Contact us to explore our hospitality consulting services. Goliath is nearly down for the count.