We bumped into the concept of glamping (then known as luxury camping) over a decade ago.  From that point forward, we have completely abandoned the idea of choosing an experience.  Rather than trade or replace, we amplify.  While we’re not sure if our resultant perspective is akin those rose colored glasses; the world sure does seem brighter this way.

Choosing means elimination and, while a stop doing list sure helps some businesses and individuals, a synergistic approach to the world affords a business or a person the ability to augment success choicefully adding.  In our world, this translates into creating accommodations and venues by applying what we learned so many years ago; replace every or with and.

Rather than ask guests if they would prefer a hotel or campground or resort, we develop a real crowd-pleaser by offering guests a hotel and campground and resort all rolled into one slick experience.  Enter sigh of relief – the formalization of a new vacation experience doesn’t mean you have to choose sides.  Those unequivocally attached to traditional camping may carry on as they please and those all about the conveniences of glamping may indulge as they see fit, too.

You could enjoy the entrepreneurial spoils of your own creation and the reassuring guidance of a professional.  Go ahead, have your s’more and eat it, too.