Less environmental impact ≠ more money.

The United States Travel Association is a great resource for identifying travel trends and factors that impact the travel industry domestically and internationally.  According to them, the environment (protecting it that is) plays a huge part in domestic travellers’ plans.  Here’s a bit more:

“With over 79% of U.S. adults considering themselves environmentally-conscious and increasingly aware of terms such as carbon footprint and global warming, travelers are beginning to make decisions based on sustainability criteria.  However, while environmental responsibility is one of the prime factors influencing the selection of travel companies, American travelers continue to lack the willingness to pay extra to support environmentally-friendly travel providers.”

Further research conducted by The Association of Recreational Vehicle Parks and Campgrounds shows that 82% of respondents would stay at an eco-friendly venue if that venue were close to the same price and provided the same amenities as the non-green alternative.

Thus, travelers get it.  They get the importance of environmental stewardship every day, even when they are on vacation from the everyday.  They also get that acclimating to a new set of activities might use a bit more time and money than they might otherwise if they stay with the status quo.  They aren’t quite willing to give either up – yet.

These statistics shout one more thing to the hospitality industry – we have more work to do.  We, the lodging providers, must strive to ensure that green practices translate to value for both our venues and our guests.  Green must resonate and be that compelling addition to a great guest experience.

We’re happy to explain how less environmental impact might not have to cost more.  Find out how.