The U.S. lodging industry is, just like you’d expect, recovering. While hoteliers are pleased with growing room demand, that demand is increasing at a pace faster than room rate. If you’re tracking with us, and paid attention in economics, a robust increase in demand should lead to an aggressive increase in price, right?

Absolutely – for a differentiated experience, not broken promises.

Turns out all this social chatter, new media and what we like to call the “experience economy” have made the average consumer a super savvy buyer. No capes (yet) just smart technology and all the data they want straight from the people they want it from – peers. Sorry, but your marketing department just gets in the way.

Keeping up with those pesky Jones’s once drove product sales. Salesman also worked for a spell. Flashy ads had their heyday with those mad guys and now: not one of those works the way it was designed to. If you’re in the hospitality business (which is any business with a guest) that means your housekeeper better be your best salesperson.

Guests want unfiltered information and they’ll get it online or on the ground. Your barkeep, butler, porter, groundskeeper, valet, night clerk, light bulb changer and general manager are part of one equation that delivers your brand. If what’s happening on the ground doesn’t add up to what you post on Facebook, guests will know it before you do. Oh, and they might mention it to a few of their friends.

The good news – we underpromise and overdeliver every day. We’ll help you hear the voice of the guest and show you how their satisfaction means your success. We promise.