Glamping gives your guests the easy way out and adds value to your campground.

Glamping, sometimes referred to as luxury camping, is

[glamorous + camping]; camping where guests are spoiled by comforts usually associated with more luxurious vacations.  Adding allure and attraction to a purely natural outdoor camping experience makes plenty of sense.  After all, attracting folks to the great outdoors is what every public or private campground and park out there tries to do; glamping just ups the ante.

Glamping is everything your guests have always wanted camping to be: authentic, effortless and inspiring.

Authentic:  yesteryear real deal camping equipment.  Popular glamping accommodations are canvas wall tents, yurts, bell tents, miner’s tents and tipis.  They’re classic, pure and frill free.  Beyond the zippered and canvas varietals, glamping accommodations have evolved to include classic camping trailers.


Not authentic:  park models and ridiculously big rigs.  These aren’t traditional no-frill camping structures.

Effortless:  accommodations all setup and attended just like a five-star hotel room should be with service to match.  A proper loo, real bed, good food, daily housekeeping, upgraded furnishings, complete linens and lickity-split service are all effortless too.  Enjoying the great outdoors can be plenty of work and there’s no question that Mother Nature is an unforgiving hostess.  Glamping lets your guests get wild in style.

Not effortless:  asking your guests to tow or otherwise setup their own accommodation.  That’s just plain work and disqualifies plenty of would-be guests from venturing beyond city limits to stay with you.

Inspiring:  experiences that let the great outdoors shine.  Glamping complements without competing with the natural world.  There’s no question that guests are greening up their acts and looking for something to write home about like a guided hike, bike ride, rafting trip, outdoor dining experience or fireside lesson.

Not inspiring:  yesterday’s arcade, satellite dishes, swimming pools and vending machines.


To glamp or not to glamp

If your guests agree that you already offer two of the three critical glamping success factors above, you might want to go glamping.  Experiment by allocating a small amount of your inventory to a glamping village and start amping up your service.  Additional acreage and new site permits also provide a great excuse to give glamping a go.

If it ain’t broke, don’t break it.  If your core business is the big bus crowd or you’d classify your campground as an overnight RV stop, glamping probably isn’t for you or your valued guests.  Additionally, if you rely on a long-term crowd or already serve up a fleet of park models, glamping might be a disruptive innovation rather than a productive one.  Knowing your guests and your market will help guide your decision.

What’s in it for you?

Guests.  More guests.  Glamping helps you cast a bigger net and attract a brand new customer base without ignoring your loyal long-timer DIYers.  A bigger audience could be that spark plug you’ve been looking for to give you that elusive leg up on the competition.  More satisfied guests happy to pay for a differentiated experience will also do wonders for your bottom and top lines.

While you might be new to glamping, it’s nothing new.  Ernest Hemingway and Teddy Roosevelt can attest to the allure of properly outfitted luxury camping experience.  The U.K. is spilling over with fun glamping options and exotic locales all over the globe have embraced this sort of a pure eco-sensitive vacation for decades.  It’s high time celebrated U.S. locales start serving up the outdoors in style.

Discover camping redefined: glamping. We can help you craft progressive and authentic lodging experiences that embody rugged individualism and simple ingenuity; where nature meets nurture™.